Saxon Model SH-1000 Hot Air Sealer

The Saxon SH-1000 hot air sealer is a multi-purpose hot air bag sealer for light-duty 1-3 mils poly bags or pouches. The SH-1000 creates seal widths from 6-9 mm and is available in right-to-left or left-to-right operating configurations. Hot air sealing eliminates the need for expensive sealing bands and is ideal for a wide variety of plastic bag applications (e.g. food, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors). The SH-1000 can be used as a free-standing unit, mounted on a column, or incorporated in a conveyor system. A variable-speed drive and motorized sealing-height adjustment allow quick product changeovers.

The Saxon Model SH-1000 has replaced the Saxon Model 5.


  • Ruggedly-constructed, ultra-efficient, multi-purpose hot-air sealer
  • No expensive sealing bands
  • Variable Speed Drive ranges from 8 to 20, 17 to 41, and 36 to 89 feet per minute1
  • Can be used as a free-standing unit, mounted on an adjustable column with a mobile trolley, or incorporated with a conveyor system
  • Pedestal (adjustable from 34" to 53")
  • Quick-release fastenings on major components ensure quick & easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Wide range of drive pulley/sealing speeds to suit your requirements
  • Tamper-proof cam ensures safe isolation of power supply
  • Ultra-efficient hot air sealing system features plug-in stainless steel heating capsules
  • Reliable, low-maintenance gearbox uses food grade lubricant
  • Deeper throat allows up to 4-3/4" above the seal (3.5" recommended minimum)
  • Can accommodate a variety of proprietary handles.
  • Full range of pressure-wheel profiles available to suit your application
  • Ergonomic infeed molding allows easy feeding of bags
  • Left to Right or Right to Left operation
  • 6 mm to 9mm wide crimped seal (others available)
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • NEMA-12 dust-tight electrics


  • Medical validation unit
  • Conveyor
  • Wider seals and other seal profiles
  • Air-wash bag top cleaner
  • Bag top trimmer
  • Vacuum trim-remover
  • Multiple PID controllers
  • Orbit ink coder
  • Pulsar embossing coder
  • NEMA-4 washdown electrics


  • Air: None (generated by internal fan)
  • Electrical: 120 VAC , Single-Phase, 6- HZ or 230 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 HZ

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds and accuracy for your application.

Startup Services

INPAK SYSTEMS offers a startup service on your new Saxon Model SH-1000. This includes verifying the Model SH-1000 is operating properly to factory specifications. The startup service includes operation verification, operator training and maintenance training.

Preventive Maintenance Services

To prevent downtime and costly emergency repairs, preventive maintenance (PM) services are available for the Saxon Model 5 and Model SH-1000. To ensure your Model 5 and Model SH-1000 operates at maximum efficiency, PMs can be arranged to fit your production schedule.

Mail Order Repair Services

If you need a quick and cost effective repair of your Saxon Model 5 or Model SH-1000, just box it up and ship it to one of our repair facilities.  Our experienced, factory-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM replacement parts to ensure your Model 5 or Model SH-1000 is restored to its original factory operating specifications.  

In-plant Repair Services

INPAK SYSTEMS offers in-plant repair of your Saxon Model 5 or Model SH-1000. Our experienced, factory-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM parts to ensure your Model 5 or Model SH-1000 is restored to original factory operating specifications.  Dispatched from either our WI or OH locations ensure a quick response throughout the Midwest.

Approximate Dimensional Drawing

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