Seedburo Equipment Company


Seedburo is a manufacturer of handling, testing & grading equipment for the grain, feed & seed industries.

Products by Seedburo Equipment Company

Seed Counters

  • Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak Vibratory Seed Counter

    Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak Vibratory Seed Counter

    The Seedburo 801 Count-A-Pak is a vibratory seed counter.The 801 is available with a 7", 10" or 10" shallow feeder bowl to accommodate seed sizes from small vegetable to large grain. The quick...

  • Seedburo Count-A-Pak Model 77 bench top seed counter

    Seedburo Model 77 Seed Counter

    The Seedburo Count-A-Pak Model 77 is a bench top seed counter that counts seeds in a given weight or by volume. It determines seed count/pound or thousand kernel weights. The speed of the Model 77...