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The CMSI Tagmaster 3005 is a fully automated, individual tag printer interfaced to a bag sewing machine. Once the tag has been selected it is printed, cut to length and loaded in the dispensing pocket. It is then moved on demand by the robotic arm from the pocket to the sewing head. As the bag moves past a sensor, the tag is automatically positioned with the bag and sewn in place as the bag is closed.

Using an in house computer, the optional Tagsoft™ software allows you to design a tag and married it with variable information such as: best if used by date, bag count, time manufactured, date manufactured, plant code, bar code, logo or graphics. With a tag formulation package such as Agri-Data™, Brill™, or Format™, you can import tag information into Tagsoft™.

Upon selection of the tag or label to be run, Tagsoft™ sends the digital information from the in house computer to the Tagmaster 3005 printer. The Tagmaster 3005 can print individual tags of various lengths and widths on blank stock.

Should approval of your tags be necessary, the Tagmaster 3005 can produce samples in pdf format or digital format for offsite printing.


  • 5.03″ maximum print width>
  • Variable tag length
  • 305 dpi resolution
  • Up to 8”/sec. print speed
  • Pneumatic actuated positioning arm
  • ApproveIt™ software
  • RS-232 interface


  • Tagsoft™ design software
  • PC with LCD touch screen
  • External Unwind for large stock rolls
  • Portable stand
  • Tag widths up to 8.0”
  • Off-line printer software


  • Air: 2-3 CFM
  • Electrical: 120VAC, single phase