Made in the USA This product is made in the USA

The Pack-All U1319D is a compact, semi-automated shrink wrap packaging system. Products are manually inserted into the shrink film “pocket” and positioned in the cut & seal area. Heated wires are lowered to seal the pocket’s two open ends & cut off the filled pocket. The sealed pocket is then placed on a conveyor where it is moved through a heating tunnel shrinking the film around the product. The U1319D can shrink package a wide range of products and operate in a variety of production environments.



  • Variable speed tunnel conveyor
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Adjustable dwell timer
  • Automatic tunnel cool-down
  • Cycle counter
  • TurboFlow™ adjustable air flow
  • Guarded film rack/perforation system




  • Seal area: 13″W x 19″L
  • Shrink tunnel chamber: 20″L x 14″W x 8″H
  • Overall dimensions: 84″K x 27″W x 54″H
  • Weight:  300 lbs.




  • Automatic take-away conveyor
  • Heated hole punch
  • Left to right feed
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Accumulation tables




  • Air: None
  • Electrical: 120VAC, 20A , Optional 208VAC or 220VAC