Brand: PackRite
Made in the USA This product is made in the USA

The PackRite Rotary Accumulation Table is a rotating turntable designed to collect products at the end of a conveyor. It is ideal for collecting bags, cartons, boxes, tubes, and other packing materials. The 4’ diameter Formica® tabletop rotates counterclockwise at 3 RPM and has an optional package guide arm to center packages. Height is adjustable from 28”- 41” from the floor.

Standard Features:

  • 48″ diameter Formica® tabletop
  • 500 lbs capacity
  • 3 RPM turntable speed
  • Height adjustable from 28″ to 41
  • Almond powder coating


  • Carton holder arm
  • Package guide arm
  • Outside rim lip
  • Custom tabletop diameters
  • Custom turntable speeds

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: None
  • Electrical: 120 VAC Single-Phase, 60 HZ