FREE Do-It-Yourself Packaging Needs Worksheet

Whether you’re a plant manager or engineer, operations executive, maintenance supervisor, owner, or other packaging stakeholder - the first step in developing a comprehensive packaging solution is to develop an organized checklist of your packaging needs.

With that in mind, we have developed a self-study worksheet that you can use to organize your packaging needs before you speak to us.

It will provide us with important background information so that we can efficiently and accurately analyze your requirements and suggest a comprehensive packaging solution that will meet your needs now - and just as importantly - be scalable as your company grows and prospers.

You can download the Worksheet either as a WORD or PDF file, print it, and then email it to us as an attachment, fax it, or post it to us via USPS.

Mail your worksheet to:

Sales Department
INPAK Systems
540 Tasman Street
Madison, WI 53714

Or fax it to:

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