Most bag closing machines are either a bag sewing equipment or a heat sealer

Typically, paper, burlap, jute, and polywoven bags are closed with commercial sewing equipment and plastic bags are closed with industrial heat sealing equipment. Occasionally a poly or net bag is closed with a wire staple.

Inpak Systems represents over 24 bag closing equipment manufacturers. Our large product mix allows us to offer you a wide variety of bag sealing or bag sewing solutions from the finest and most reputable manufacturers.

Depending on your production needs, we offer bag closing portables for low production volumes to fully automated industrial bag closers for high volume production.

That means that the advice you get from us and the solutions we design for you are not limited to just one brand or particular bag closing technology—whether you require a single piece of bag closing equipment or an entirely new bag closing system built to your custom specifications.

Videos of bag closing equipment in action.

Contact us to receive more information about our product line or fill out our Packaging Solutions Worksheet to inform us of you specific needs. Our packaging systems experts will then find the right bag closing machines for you.

Bag Sewing Equipment

Commercial bag sewing includes industrial portable bag sewers, large sewing heads and pedestal mounted sewing heads.

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Wire Staple Bag Closers

Wire staple bag closers (sometimes called wire tie bag closers) crimp bags closed with stainless steel or galvanized wire staples.

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Heat Sealing Equipment

Commercial bag sealers include poly bag sealers (jaw sealers, hot air sealers & band sealers) and paper bag pinch sealers.

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Case Erectors & Case Tapers

Case, box & carton taping equipment include case erectors, case filling stations and case tapers.

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