An open mouth auger bagger is designed to fill 20-110 lbs. open mouth bags, pails, boxes and containers with dry, free-flowing, floodable (liquid like) materials like: flour, cake mix, chemical powders, starches, cement grouts, livestock supplements and similar materials.

Product flows by gravity from a fill hopper into a single or dual auger feeder where it is delivered to a gross weigh or net weigh scale.

With a dual auger system, dual augers deliver most of the material and then a single, sometimes smaller, auger will “dribble” in the balance of the material. When the desired weight is achieved the augers stop and a cutoff gate closes.

Auger baggers can fill 1-10 bags/minute with an accuracy of +/-0.25 %

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Chantland 4219L_Auger Valve Bagger