Lubricating Oil Industrial Sewing

Oil is used to lubricate the mechanism of sewing machines. Allowing the sewing machine to run low or dry of oil will cause the bearings and bushings to prematurely wear and to possible seize. The effects from running with low or no oil is the most common reason we see that sewing systems are sent in for repair.

INPAK SYSTEMS offers four types of industrial sewing lubricants:

Standard Lubrication Oil
Standard oil is an industrial sewing lubricant used to lubricate the mechanisms of standard speed sewing equipment. It is available for either portable or fixed sewing heads.

Synthetic Lubricating Oil
Synthetic oil is used as a sewing machine lubricant to lubricate the mechanisms of high-speed fixed sewing heads.

Cleaning Oil
Portable (handheld) sewers have a non-sealed mechanism which becomes contaminated with dust and debris from the product and/or environment. Periodic flushing with a cleaning oil will decontaminate the mechanism.

Thread Lubricant
When sewing heavy (thick) bags or bags composed of nonskid material, thread oil can be applied to the thread prior to sewing to prevent breakage. Thread lubricant is applied to the thread by either spraying or soaking the thread cone.

Sewing machine lubricant is available in single bottles or case quantities. For pricing contact us.

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Fischbein 5-102 Thread Lubricant

Used on thread when sewing heavy or nonskid bag materials

SDS sheet

1 gal.
Fischbein 31080 Synthetic Oil

Used with highspeed Fischbein Model 200Model 201Model 400 HPModel 400T HP and Model 500T HP sewing systems.

SDS sheet

1 qt.
Fischbein 10200 Lubricating Oil

Used with standard speed Fischbein Model 90, Model 91, Model 10,000 series, Model 100Model 101Model 400 NSModel 400 Pro and Model 400T NS sewing systems.

SDS sheet 

1 qt.
Fischbein 5-100 Lubricating Oil

Used with Fischbein Model D, Model E series, Model F and Newlong Model NP-7A portable sewing systems.

SDS Sheets

1 qt.
Fischbein 5-101 Cleaning Oil

Typically used with portable sewing systems (Fischbein Model D, Model E, Model F and Newlong Model NP-7A) to keep parts clean and free of contamination.

SDS sheet

1 qt.
 Union Special Lubricating Oil

Used with Union Special industrial sewing heads Model 2200B PortableModel 80800 Series and Model BC200 Series

SDS sheet

1 qt.