INPAK SYSTEMS stocks needles for Fischbein, Newlong and Union Special portable and mounted sewing machines. Needles for industrial sewing equipment are manufacturer and model specific and may not be interchangeable. Industrial needles are available in different diameters with a either square or round tip.

The standard square needles run cooler than round needles and cause less tearing because of the “X” hole that is punched. Square needles tend to be stronger which means they can be run harder/faster without breaking.

The optional round needles may have advantages in specific applications.

  1. They are used for fabric bags (e.g. geotech.) because they slide between the threads without breaking them and do not cut the fabric.
  2. They are good with asphalt lined or plastic lined paper bags where moisture is an issue because they produce a smaller hole.
  3. For applications where leakage is an issue, they can be run at higher tensions which produce a tighter seam.

Special “low temperature” needles are available for ultra-high through put applications. They are coated and have less friction, resulting in less heat being produced.

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Fischbein D-5 Portable Sewing NeedlesFischbein Models C, D E, ECR, F25 per pkg.
Schmetz Sewing Needles for American NewlongAmerican Newlong Model NP7A10 per pkg.
Organ Sewing Needles for Union SpecialUnion Special Model 2200B10 per pkg.


Fischbein C-100 Sewing NeedlesFischbein Models 90, 91, 100, 101, 200, 201, 10000, 1030010 per pkg.
 Organ Sewing Needles for Union SpecialUnion Special Models 80600, 80800C, 80800E, BC100, BC200 10 per pkg.

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