INPAK SYSTEMS offers a wide variety of commercial heat sealers used for closing bags and pouches.

Jaw, Hot Air and Band sealers are used to close plastic bags such as: PE, PP, Tyvek, polymylar, foil & nylon bags. Pinch sealers are used to close pre-glued multiwall paper bags.

To see videos of bag sealing equipment in action, click here.

INPAK SYSTEMS offers bag heat sealers from manufacturers like Fischbein, Hamer, Saxon, APM, Pack Rite, Crown Hamer, AmeriVacS, Pack-All & Sharp. Ranging from manual to semi-automated to fully automated, INPAK SYSTEMS can provide a heat sealer that meets your process and economic needs.

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Poly Bag Band Sealers

Band sealers have non-stick bands that carry the bag between two heating bars that hemetcially seal the poly bag closed.

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Poly Bag Hot Air Sealers

Hot air sealers have a heated manifold that blows hot air on both sides of the bag and then seals the poly bag closed.

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Poly Bag Jaw Sealers

Jaw sealers have a heating element (bar or wire) that when clamped down on the bag, melts the poly bag closed.

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Paper Bag Pinch Sealers

Pinch sealers heat a pre-glued flap which is then folded over sealing the paper bag closed.

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