Inpak Systems offers a complete line of industrial inkjet printers and mechanical coders for the packaging industry.

Inkjet printers are fast and economical. They can be programmed to print multi-line text, graphics, logos, UPC and bar codes on porous (e.g. cardboard boxes, paper bags) and non-porous (e.g. plastic sheets) materials. Multiple printers can be networked to provide multi-line and/or multi-sided printing. Inkjet printers are available as hand-held portables or fixed print heads mounted on production lines.

Mechanical tape coders are inexpensive and require no power connection. Mechanical coders typically have 1-3 wheels with raised text &/or symbols that are inked and rolled on the bag closing tape. They can be indexed to print once at the same spot on the bag or to continuously to print randomly on the bag.

Discussion of printer types

Whether you need an inkjet printer for cardboard cases or a mechanical tape coder for paper bags, Inpak Systems can fill you printing needs.

Videos of inkjet printers & mechanical coders in action.

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