Our large product mix allows us to offer you a wide variety of bag conveying and handling solutions offered from among the finest and most reputable manufacturers. That means that the advice you get from us and the solutions we design for you are not limited to just one brand or particular technology—whether you require a single piece of equipment or an entirely new bagging solution built to your custom specifications.

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Mechanical belt v.s Vibrating-trough conveyor
When moving bulk products, a mechanical belt or vibrating-trough conveyor is often an excellent and economical choice. They are available in a wide variety of configurations, lengths, widths, and transfer rates. In choosing a belt or vibrating-trough conveyor you need to consider basic things like its capital cost, space available, type of materials, transfer rate and maintenance costs. For an article on how to select a belt or vibrating-trough conveyor, click here.

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Bag Closing Conveyors

Bag closing conveyors move closed bags from the filling station to the bag closing station. They can be flat belt with guide rails or V-belt. In fully automated systems the transfer conveyor’s speed is synchronized with the closing equipment.

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Transfer Conveyors

Bag transfer conveyors move bags from the positioning station on to the palletizing station. Transfer conveyors can be flat &/or inclined, powered &/or gravity, straight &/or curved.

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Bag Turners

Bag turners are inline belt conveyors that automatically lays the bag down flat, to a bottom first position, preparing the bags for the next horizontal or inclined conveyor.

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Bag Kickers

Bag kickers are belt conveyors designed to automatically “kick” a bag from an upright position to a horizontal bottom-first position at 90 degrees from the bag filler.

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Bag Flatteners

Bag flatteners are inclining, belt conveyors that flatten filled bags for uniform stacking.

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Flexible Conveyors

Flexible conveyors are designed to give the user the ability to reconfigure the conveyor to meet their changing needs. A flexible conveyor can be made into a single or compound curve. It is portable, and can contract for easy storage.

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Power Belt Curved Conveyors

The power belt curve is an inline, flat belt curved conveyor used to change product direction. Offered in arcs from 15° to 180° and a variety of widths up to 48”.

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Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors are ideal for to transporting packages, boxes, bags or pallets. They are not suitable for transporting powders, granules, or small products that can fall between the rollers.

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Inline Check Weighers

Inline conveyor weight checking stations weigh the bag & verify it is within established parameters. Options include: data recording, reject alarms & lights, and physical bag rejection.

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Inline Metal Detectors

Inline conveyor metal detectors identify ferrous and nonferrous (including stainless steel) contaminates down to 0.2 mm spheres in bagged products.

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