There are two types of bagging scales based on how the product is weighed: gross weigh scales and net weigh scales. Gross Weigh Bagging Scales With gross weigh scales, the bag is hung on the scale spout and the bag weight is zeroed out. As the product is added into the bag, the bag is weighed. When the desired weight... Read more

Bagging conveyors are used to move filled bags from the bag filler through the bag closer and on to the palletizing area. Following are different types of bagging conveyors.   Inline Bag Check Weight Conveyor Since bag filling scales can’t be weight certified, an inline weight certifiable conveyor can be used to weigh bags. As the bag passes over the... Read more

How do I decide what bagging conveyor options do I need? Well, selecting a conveyor is like buying a car. First you decide on the model (i.e. sedan, convertible, SUV), then you pick the options (i.e. color, engine size, CD player). Likewise with a conveyor… do you need a transfer, kicking, flattening or turning conveyor? Then, based on your specific... Read more