Form-Fill-Seal Machines

Form-fill-seal (FFS) automated bagging systems are designed to form/open a poly bag/pouch which is then manually or automatically filled with the product and then sealed closed.

Form-fill-seal systems can be horizontal where the product is slid into the formed bag or it can be vertical where the product is dropped into formed bag. Most vertical FFS systems use air to open the bag and may have a scale above the bag where the product is weighed out and then dropped into the formed bag.

FFS systems can accommodate a wide variety of PE bags sizes and various types of roll bags with bottom gussets, zippers, top trimmed, zip lock & hole punches. Some form-fill-seal systems can fill up to 34 bags per minute. Options may include a bag coder, bag top trimmer, gas flush, infeed & out feed conveyors, and product weighing scales.

Videos of form-fill-seal equipment in action

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