INPAK SYSTEMS offers a wide selection of valve bag filling machines. Because material is filled through a “valve” in the bag rather than poured into an open mouth, valve bag fillers are ideal when cleanliness and efficiency are a necessity. Also, valve bags do not require bag sewing or bag sealing equipment to close the bag. See our post Types of Valve Bags for more information.

Valve bag fillers are available with gravity, impeller, auger, air packer, or compaction feeder. The characteristics of the material and environment dictate the type of valve bagger utilized. Valve bagging scales are capable of filling 20-220 lbs. Valve type bags at a rate of 1-12 bags/minute.

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Air Packer Valve Baggers

Sometimes called Forced Flow or Pneumatic Packers, Air Packers are used for free flowing, low humidity, dry flakes, powders & small size granules that cannot be heated, ground or crushed. Applications include: Portland cement, sugar, calcium carbonate, PVC pellets and lime.

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Auger Valve Baggers

Sometimes called Screw Baggers, Auger Baggers are designed for flakes, powders, pellets, granules, and fibrous material that may be heated, ground or crushed. Applications include: abrasives, cellulose, fiber, compost, flour, grain, insulation, limestone, minerals, moss, mulch, pepper, pigment, plastic pellets, resins, rubber, salt, sand, sawdust, soils & sugar.

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Compaction Valve Baggers

Compaction baggers are designed to fill valve type bags by volume rather than weight. Typical products include fibrous or compressible materials such as soils, sawdust, and cellulose fiber.

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Gravity Valve Baggers

Gravity baggers are used for free flowing, high density materials like flakes, granules or pellets where the product easily falls into a hopper. Applications include corn, grains, fertilizer, refractory materials, plastic pellets, salt, sand, soybean and sugar.

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Impeller Valve Baggers

Sometimes called a turbine packers, Impeller Baggers are ideal for fine, dry, high bulk density (>50#/cuft.) powders of less than 200 mesh where crushing or fines are not an issue. Applications are fly ash, carbon black, cement, kaolin, clay, graphite, polystyrene, silica and vermiculite.

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