Bag Sewing Systems

INPAK SYSTEMS offers a wide variety of industrial portable bag sewing machines, sewing heads, and pedestal mounted sewing heads.

Videos of bag sewing equipment in action.

Bag Closures

There are several types of bag sewing and bag sealing machines.

  • Plain sew: is used with larger size material that won’t leak out between stitches. They use 1 thread (generally with portables) or 2 threads (fixed heads, high speed applications).
  • Plain sew with bag top fold over: reduces major leaking.
  • Tape sew with crepe paper: produces a nice appearance and reduces major leaking. Needle holes can be filled with a filler cord to further reduce leakage. The crepe tape can have a self-adhesive which can prevent moisture infiltration.
  • Tape sew with an easy pull tape: allows quick opening of sewn bags.
  • Tape over sew: applies a paper tape with a heat activated hot melt glue or a PE coated paper tape over the stitches to give a strong, clean, and durable leak proof closure.


Industrial bag sewing machines typically use either a ISO #101 or ISO #401 chain stitch to close bags.

The #101 stitch is a single thread stich formed by a needle passing through the bag and interlooping with itself on the underside of the seam. Portable sewers normally use a #101 stitch.

The #401 stitch is a dual thread stich formed by 1 needle thread (red) passing through the material and interlooped with 1 looper thread (blue). Fixed sewing heads normally use a #401 stitch.

Contact us to receive more information about our bag sewing and bag sealing machines or fill out our Packaging Solutions Worksheet to inform us of your specific needs. Our packaging systems experts will then find the right bag sewing machine for you.

Portable Bag Sewers

Sometimes called handheld, bag sewers are ideal for low volume (4-8 bags/minute) applications or where a fixed sewing head is not suitable.

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Bag Sewing Heads

Mounted on pedestals or on bagging conveyors fixed, large, sewing heads are used in high volume (6-20 bags/minute) bag closing applications. Plain sew and crepe tape models are offered in dual thread configurations.

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Bag Sewing Pedestals

Depending on type of product, type of bag, type of closure, throughput, and degree of automation,Sewing Pedestalsewing pedestals can be configured to meet your specific application and bagging requirements. Often, sewing pedestals are interfaced with a bag placer, bag filler, conveyor, and a palletizing system.

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