Ancillary equipment is sometimes needed to support major bagging lines. For example: tag lifters & tag placers are used to identify sewn bags, inkjet printers & embossing coders are needed to identify sealed bags, bench top & floor scales use to confirm the weights of filled bags and seed counters used to verify the number of seeds in a bag.

Printers & Coders

Print multi-line text & graphics on cardboard boxes, paper bags and plastic sheets.

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Tag Placers

Inline tag printer/placers can automatically print, cut to length, and position a tag to be sewn in place as the bag is sewn closed.

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Bench/Floor Scales

Inpak Systems offers a complete line of Rice Lake bench top and floor weighing and counting scales for all industrial applications.

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Seed Counters

Counter the number of seeds/weight or volume and can dispensing a specified number of seeds.

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