Our large product mix allows us to offer you a wide variety of bag filling equipment and weighing solutions offered from among the finest and most reputable manufacturers. That means that the advice you get from us and the solutions we design for you are not limited to just one brand or particular technology, whether you require a single piece of bag filling equipment or an entirely new bagging solution built to your custom specifications.

Videos of bag filling equipment in action.

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The selection of a feeder (e.g. gravity, auger, vibratory, etc.) depends on your material’s flow characteristics. Not sure which category your material falls in? List of material categories.

Types of bag filling equipment.

Valve Type Bag Filling Scales

Valve type baggers fill 5-120 lb. bags through a “valve” in the top side of the bag. This greatly reduces the amount of product lost and dust created as opposed to pouring product into an open mouth bag. Valve baggers are available with gravity, impeller, auger, air packer or compaction feeders.

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Open Mouth Baggers

Open mouth baggers are available as gross weigh or net weigh bag filler with either a mechanical or electronic digital scale for 5-120 lb. bags. Auger, belt, gravity or vibratory feeders are available.

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Small Weight Baggers

Small weighment baggers are typically used for open mouth bags weighing less than 10 lbs. Some small weighment baggers can fill bags little as 1oz.

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Bulk Bagging Equipment

Bulk bag fillers are used to fill 1,000-4,000 super sacks which are sometimes called: big bags, totes, Gaylord boxes or FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers). Bulk bag unloaders empty super sack's contents into smaller bags or onto an in-feed conveyor.

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Automated Bagging Systems

Fully automated bagging systems may include the following: bag placer, bag former, bag filler, check weigh conveyor, transfer conveyor, bag closer (sew or seal), bag positioning (turner/kicker) conveyor, bag flattening conveyor, bag transport (horizontal or incline) conveyor & bag palletizer.

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Automated Bag Positioners

Automated bag positioners are located before the filling station. Bag positioners grab the open mouth bag from a flat stack, open the bag, and position/hang it on the fill chute of the bag filler.

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Form-Fill-Seal Systems

Form-fill-seal (FFS) automated and semi-automated bagging systems are designed to form/open a poly bag/pouch which is then manually or automatically filled with the product and then sealed closed.

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