INPAK SYSTEMS offers a variety of commercial jaw sealers. Jaw sealers can seal bags of most varieties of plastic bags such as polyethylene (PE, HDPE & LDPE), polypropylene (PP, BOPP, MOPP & OPP), PVC, laminations, and cellophane.

Jaw sealers have a heating element (bar or wire) that when clamped down on the bag, melts the bag closed. Dual heating elements are used when the bag is especially thick or requires very high temperatures to seal. Shrink film sealers are equipped with round heat elements to seal and cut the shrink film.

Manual and automated jaw sealers come with a variety of seal widths and lengths and are available in two versions: impulse sealers and continuous heat sealers.

Impulse Sealers Jaw Sealer

Impulse sealers use an electrical pulse to temporarily heat the element when it is closed to seal the bag. Most often, impulse sealers are used to seal bags made from polyethylene (PE).

Constant Heat Sealers

Constant heat sealers sandwich the bag between two pre-heated metal bars. Since heating elements are always hot they can produce a much higher heat allowing the sealer to seal bags with higher melting points such as polycellophane, foil, and Mylar bags.

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