The supply hopper is located above the bagging scale is about 14’ above the floor. Often a supply conveyor, sometimes called feed conveyor, is needed to get the processed product up and in to the supply hopper.

Feed conveyors can be supplied from a variety of upstream process equipment (i.e. mixers, blenders, dryers) or bulk bags (FIBC). Most supply conveyors require a consistent, controlled infeed so that the product doesn’t overflow or backup.  

There are 4 types of supply conveyors: auger (screw), bucket, cleated belt and pneumatic. Which type of supply conveyor is used is dependent on the characteristics of the product, available floor space and funding.

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Auger Supply Conveyors

Auger conveyors are good for semi-fluid and non-abrasive applications like powders where crushing or grinding the product is not a concern.

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Belt Supply Conveyors

Incline belt supply conveyors sometimes have cleats or side rails to contain the product

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Bucket Supply Conveyors

Bucket conveyors, sometimes called elevator conveyors, have a small footprint can delivery most products like: feed, grain or pellets.

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Pneumatic Supply Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors, also known as vacuum conveyors, can be used with dry powders, granules, and low density products

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