Continuous Band Sealing Machine

Inpak Systems offers handheld, portable, tabletop, and mounted band sealer machines.

Band sealers have two bands, typically infused with PTFE to prevent sticking, that hold the top of the bag and carry it between heating elements which hermetically seal the bag closed. Depending on the type of bag, an industrial continuous band sealer can produce seals from 1/8” to 3/8″ wide at rates up to 75 feet/minute.

Band sealers can be operated in a horizontal, tilted, or vertical position. The vertical position is used if the product can flow out of the bag (i.e. powders, liquids) and the horizontal position is used when the bag can be laid on its side.

Bags can be manually or automatically fed into the band sealer. Bags over a few pounds typically require a supporting conveyor. Options include bag fillers, printers, coders, embossers, floor stands, bag trimmers, and synchronized support conveyors.

Continuous band-sealing machines from Inpak are ideal for a wide range of bag-closing applications. Common industries that utilize band sealers include food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and more.

Videos of band sealers in action.

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