Chantland Model 4198 Auger Bagger Scale

Made in the USAMade in the USA

Quickly and efficiently fill open-mouth bags with dry-flake powdered, pelleted, or granular materials. The Chantland Model 4198 Weighmaster II Auger Bagger is a heavy-duty gross weigh auger bagger that can fill open-mouth bags at speeds up to 4-6 bags per minute, depending on your operational parameters, with accuracies up to +/- 0.25 % for load cell models or +/- 0.50% for scale beam models, based on product flow and the consistency of bulk density.1 Also ideal for filling drums and boxes. Available with stainless steel contact surfaces and/or food-grade welding and polish.

Standard Features

  • Obtainable accuracies up to +/- 0.25 % ( load cell) or +/- 0.50% ( scale beam) models
  • Speeds up to 4-6 bags per minute
  • Fills 20-110 lb bags or 50-220 lb drums
  • Heavy gauge carbon steel
  • Mild steel contacting surfaces
  • One coat industrial primer, one coat enamel paint
  • Dust collector connection
  • 5 HP totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor designed for frequent stop/start
  • NEMA-12 electrical controls
  • OSHA type cleanout door
  • Scale beam weighing on pivoted hardened knife edges with sensing switch cutoff


  • 3 A dairy grade package
  • Stainless steel (T304) contact surfaces
  • Food-grade construction with No. 4B polish includes drain plug and air purge packing gland
  • De-aeration probes remove excess air out of floody, fluid products to ease bag closing & sealing
  • Drum holding cradle attachment
  • Feeder ribbon or spiked agitator in primary hopper for sluggish materials
  • Hard-faced auger (Stellite) for abrasive materials
  • Load cell weighing with two-stage digital controller
  • NEMA-4 watertight electrical controls
  • Either white urethane or stainless steel paint
  • Two-stage bulk and dribble feed for increased accuracies

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds and accuracy for your application.

Utility Requirements

  • Air: 2.5 CFM @ 80 PSI
  • Electrical:
    • Motor: 220/440V, 3PH, 60Hz
    • Controller: 120VAC. Single-Phase, 60HZ

Approximate Dimensional Drawing