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The semi-automated CE-563 is a semi-automated case erector and packing station that enables a single operator to form, pack and, when attached to any top/bottom sealer, move a corrugated box or carton in one single and efficient operation. The CE-563 folds both minor and major bottom flaps while holding the case steady for packing. The CE-563 is adjustable and can accommodate uniform cases up to 27” in length and up to 15.5” in width.

Standard Features:

  • Ergonomic design protects against repetitive-strain injuries, improves productivity, and reduces labor
  • Enables single operator to form, pack, seal, and move a corrugated container
  • Both manual and automatic modes
  • Folds both minor and major flaps while holding the case steady for packing
  • Highly-engineered precision tape heads provide accurate and consistent sealing
  • Adjustable leg supports
  • Requires only a standard 120VAC (10 AMP) electrical wall receptacle
  • Only 57″L x 32″ W
  • 30″ to 39″ high
  • 370 lbs net weight
  • Case sizes:
    • Length: 6″ minimum—27″ maximum
    • Width: 7″ minimum—15.5″ maximum
    • Height: 4″ minimum—no maximum


  • Extension roller table
  • 3-flap folder

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: 90 PSI
  • Electrical: None

Approximate Dimensional Drawing:

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