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The Chantland MHE Model 1500A Palletizer is a moderate-speed, fully automated bag palletizer that can palletize at a sustained rate of 25 bags per minute1. The Model 1500A is designed for heavy industrial use in the most severe environments.

The 1500A Palletizer System includes:

  • An incline bag flatting conveyor which flattens, shapes, and elevates the bags to the proper height for entry into the palletizer.
  • A bag accumulation & pacing conveyors to regulate the flow of bags.
  • A bag positioning conveyor to automatically position the bags on the pallet in a pre-programmed bag stacking pattern.
  • A layer forming conveyor to square all sides and deposit the layers onto a pallet.
  • An empty pallet dispenser that discharges the finished stacked pallets.
  • A filled pallet conveyor where the pallet can be picked up by a fork truck.
  • Optional check-weigh and reject accumulation conveyors.

Standard Features:

  • Maximum pallet size: 54” x 54”
  • Empty pallet dispenser with 20 pallet capacity
  • Low pallet alarm
  • Empty pallet conveyor
  • Automatic empty pallet squaring
  • Bag accumulation and pacing conveyor
  • Patented continuous motion turn wheel
  • Automatic layer forming and pushing
  • Automatic layer squaring
  • Automatic layer compression
  • 4000 lb. capacity elevator/hoist
  • Filled pallet discharge conveyor
  • Allen Bradley PLC control system with production reporting
  • Operator deck and access platform
  • Touch screen with full system self-diagnostics
  • Quick Change Package – minimizes change over time


  • Bag Turner conveyor
  • Power Belt Curve conveyors
  • Check Weigh conveyor
  • Reject conveyor
  • 180 Degree Inline Bag Turner conveyor
  • Top sheet/Bottom sheet dispenser
  • Corrosion resistant package
  • Automatic layer gluing
  • Automatic slip sheet / pull pak pallet magazines

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds for your application.

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: 25 CFM @ 80-100 PSI
  • Electrical: 460 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 60 AMPS

Approximate Dimensional Drawing:

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