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The Chantland Model 4010 is a rapid flow, impeller packer for valve style bags. The Model 4010 can bag a wide variety of powder and fine-powder products at speeds as high as 4-12 bags per minute with accuracies of +/- 3-5 oz.1. Typical products include high bulk density powders such as: Portland and masonry cement, gypsum, hydrated lime, fly ash, calcium carbonate, talc, silica, insecticides, clay products, stucco and similar products. An impeller packer will fill a bag 2-3 times faster than an auger packer, and generally with less dust than an air packer. Some advantages of Impeller packers compared to auger packers include low overall height and lower maintenance costs. The impeller assembly is fed by two feed screws to ensure a uniform flow of material, efficiency, and reliable performance. The 304 stainless steel impellers and wing augers are replaceable or rebuildable. Multiple unit configurations up to 3 units are possible.


  • Fill Rate: 4 to 12 bags per minute depending on product.
  • Fill Weights: 20 lbs. to 110 lbs.
  • Weight Accuracy: +/- 6 to 8 ounces from target weight (+/- 2 to 4 oz. with load cells).
  • Scale-beam gross weigh.
  • Impeller feeder.
  • Manual start switch.
  • Mechanical tilting bag chair.
  • Pneumatic bag clamps.
  • Dust collection hood and manifold.
  • NEMA 12 electrical system.
  • Mild steel construction.


  • 2 or 3 spout filler assemblies.
  • Automatic fill start with bag leading edge and bag in place switches.
  • Automatic bag discharge.
  • Load cell weighing with digital controller.
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • Special paint finishes.
  • Special electrical packages.
  • Supply and transition hoppers.
  • Operator deck with bag rack and operator seat for multiple spout configurations.
  • Reclaim hopper to collect spilled product.
  • Model 4208 Take away conveyor.

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds and accuracy for your application.


  • Pneumatic: 1 CFM @ 80 PSI-Max
  • Electrical: 230/460V, 3-Phase, 60Hz