The Chantland 4210 PowderMatic is a heavy-duty, gross weigh pneumatic bagger for 25 to 110 lb. valve type bags with dry-flaked, powdered, pelleted, or granular materials. The 4210 PowderMatic can fill up to eight 50 pound bags per minute depending on your operational parameters. The electronically-controlled load cell model can achieve accuracies of +/- ¼ %, and the scale beam model up to +/- ½ %, each depending on product flow and the consistency of bulk density.1 The 4210 PowderMatic is designed to fill valve type bags with products such as food flour blends, chemical powders and flakes, fertilizers, herbicides, cements, aggregates, paint powders, seeds, plastic resins and similar materials. The 4210 PowderMatic can be configured for food-grade service.

The 4210 PowderMatic consists of a pressure chamber with an inlet butterfly valve, a discharge spout that fits the valve bag inlet, a positive displacement blower (in most cases) to generate adequate air volume, and controls to direct the airflow according to the product type. When a bag is placed on the spout, a fill cycle is initiated. The butterfly inlet valve will close, trapping product in the pressure chamber. Air generated by the blower is directed into the chamber in two ways. Air introduced in the top of the chamber passes through the product and as it flows out the spout, carrying product along with it into the bag. Air introduced at the lower end of the chamber is dissipated by an “air-pad” to create a blanket of air for the product to slide across toward the spout as well as to entrain the product with air, making it more flow-able. Once the bag achieves the filled weight, a cross pinch valve prevents flow of product through the spout while the air pressure in the chamber is relieved, and the butterfly valve opens again to recharge the pressure chamber for the next fill. The filled bag is discharged, and the cycle can be repeated.

Standard Features:

  • Fill Rates: Up to (8) 50 lb. bags per minute.
  • Fill Weights: 25 lbs. to 110 lbs.
  • Weight Accuracy: +/- 6 to 8 ounces from target weight (+/- 2 to 4 ounces with load cells).
  • Scale-beam gross weigh.
  • Pneumatic filler.
  • Manual start switch.
  • Mechanical tilting bag chair.
  • Manual bag clamps.
  • Hinged chamber bottom for clean-out.
  • Full size lower air pad.
  • Butterfly valve with actuator.
  • Sight glass in product chamber.
  • Pressure chamber exhaust.
  • Dust collection hood and manifold.
  • Balanced air flow delivery system.
  • Mild steel construction.


  • Automatic fill start with bag leading edge and bag in place switches.
  • Automatic bag discharge.
  • Pneumatic bag clamps.
  • Load cell weighing with digital controller.
  • Low pressure air pump assembly.
  • Fill tube jet sweep out.
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • Food Grade construction.
  • Anti-corrosive package.
  • Special paint finishes.

Utility Requirements:

  • Pneumatic: 12 CFM @ 80 PSI-Max

Approximate Dimensional Drawing: