Made in the USA This product is made in the USA

The Chantland Model 4216 Bag Turner is an automated, inline, slider-bed belt conveyor with a fixed bar that knocks down upright bags to a flat, bottom-first position. The Model 4216 can be adjusted to accommodate most bag sizes and is capable of speeds up to 20 bags per minute1 The Model 4216 is 4’ long and has 22’ wide belt with a SS slide chute. The standard Model 4216 has a gear motor drive, but can be slaved to a powered conveyor or bag flattener. Available as an infeed section only, without bag turning hardware.

Standard Features:

  • Speeds up to 20 bags per minute*
  • Adjustable to accommodate most bag sizes
  • Available with gear motor drive or slave drive
  • Heavy-duty, mild steel, channel iron frame
  • Single coat primer with single coat industrial enamel


  • Adjustable height conveyor legs from 12″ to 20″
  • Heavy-duty casters with locks
  • NEMA-4 watertight electrical controls
  • Stainless steel paint

*Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds for your application.

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: None
  • Electrical: 220VAC, 3-PH, 60HZ

Approximate Dimensional Drawing: