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The Express Scale Model 1200 incorporates an air flotation table so that even a 110 pound bag can be manipulated with little effort, allowing a single operator to palletize bags at a typical rate of 20 bags-per-minute, depending on size and number of bags per row.1 A flattening conveyor prepares bags for optimum pallet presentation, a dispenser automatically brings empty pallets into position, and filled pallets are automatically transferred from the palletizing machine to accumulation roller conveyors. PLC controller allows for quick and easy setup. Manual adjustment guides around the flotation table ensure a square pattern for virtually any pallet size. Ergonomic design includes swivel-mounted control panel for easy viewing, safety cages and safety switches that prohibit operation unless properly in place, and finger sensors that allow extension or retraction of the air flotation table only when both hands are clear.

Standard Features:

  • Bag incline and flattening conveyors
  • Bag staging conveyors
  • Empty pallet dispenser magazine
  • Stationery air table
  • Moveable air table with adjustment guides
  • Filled pallet motorized conveyor
  • NEMA-12 electrics
  • PLC controls
  • Complete hydraulic system
  • Safety switches, cages, and inner locks
  • 12 ft pallet accumulation conveyor


  • Check weigh scales
  • Reject conveying systems
  • Slip sheet dispensers
  • Fully automatic stretch wrap systems

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds for your application.

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: 12 CFM @ 100 PSI
  • Electrical: 460 VAC/3-Phase/60 HZ

Approximate Dimensional Drawing:

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