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The Express Scale Model 900 is a bag closing belt conveyor designed to transfer filled bags in an upright position through a closing system such as a heat sealer or a sewing head. The Model 900 has a 12” wide, 3-ply, rough–top neoprene belt and is available in 8’-16’ lengths.  The Model 900 has a variable speed ½ HP DC motor and depending on operating parameters, bag size and product is capable of speeds up to 40 fpm for simplex scales and 55 fpm for duplex scales. Manually adjustable legs are standard on the Model 900.

Standard Features:

  • Sizes up to 16’ long in 2’ increments
  • 12” wide, 3-ply, rough-top neoprene belt
  • Variable speed DC motor
  • NEMA 12 electric controls
  • Manually adjustable legs
  • Adjustable 6” wide back rail


  • 1 HP fixed speed motor
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Scale support system
  • Motorized lift system
  • Sewing head pedestal
  • Alternative conveyor speeds

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: None
  • Electrical: 120/220 VAC, Single-Phase, 60 HZ or 440 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 HZ (fixed motor only)

Approximate Dimensional Drawing:

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