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Fischbein Model 3920 Dual Tag Placer is an automated dual tag placer that used conjunction with a Fischbein bag sewing system positions up to two product information tags on the front or back side of the bag as the bag is being sewn shut.

The Model 3920 has a performance rate of up to 20 dual tag placements per minute (40 tags). Available for right or left hand installation, the self-contained Model 3920 has a bottom fed tag magazine for continuous operation, a PLC controller, a self-contained vacuum system and a missed tag alarm. Pedestal height is adjustable with a hand wheel, and the tagger head swivels 25° for optimal tag placement. Tag material must be non-porous – tag width 2.25 to 5.50 inches wide and 5.75 to 12.50 inches in length. Tags with a width less than 3.75 inches will require a presser foot wheel to be added to the Fischbein sewing system infeed.


  • Up to 20 dual tag placements/minute (40 tags)
  • Adjustable pedestal height with hand wheel
  • Tagger head swivels 25° for optimal tag placement
  • Adjustable vacuum sensor with digital display
  • Mild steel construction
  • High gloss corrosion resistant enamel paint finish
  • Dual tag magazine bottom fed for continuous operation
  • Tag stripper for positive tag positioning
  • Left or right hand installation
  • PLC controller
  • NEMA 12 dust tight electrics
  • Missed tag alarm
  • Self-contained vacuum system
  • Bottom fed tag magazine


  • Presser foot wheel for infeed


  • Air: Self-contained
  • Electrical: 115 VAC, 1 ph