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The Hamer 100GW is a semi-automatic gross weighing scale for filling of open mouth bags with free flowing granular products like seed, grains, dry sand, salt, plastic pellets, chemicals, fertilizer, and others.

The 100GW can fill 10 lbs. to 110 lbs. (5 kg to 50 kg) paper, poly, poly woven, or woven bags at up to 16 bags per minute. The easy to use bag hanger offers a unique bag position window so operators know the bag is placed correctly prior to initiating fill. Compact design utilizes dual load cells to eliminate inaccuracies inherent in single load cell designs. Mild steel or 304 stainless steel models are offered.

The Model 100GW is available with three bag clamping systems

  1. Clamshell Bag Clamp: is used in auto-bag-placing systems or when higher throughput is needed when manually spouting bags.
  2. Center Grip Bag Clamp: is used when spouts need to be change out quickly.
  3. Dust Tight Bag Clamp: is used for dusty, power products or when using thin poly bags subject to tearing.


  • Up to 16 bags per minute
  • Bags 10 lbs. to 110 lbs. (5 kg to 50 kg)
  • Accuracy +/- 1 oz. product dependent
  • Adjustable bulk/dribble flow settings
  • Dual single point load cells
  • Rice Lake 720i digital weigh indicator with high visibility display
  • Powder coated finish
  • Lbs./kg weight display
  • Bag clamp whisker switch
  • Bag hold switch
  • Bag counter
  • Auto zero
  • Auto bag in place
  • Auto hold for underweight bags
  • 4″ diameter dust port
  • Paper, poly, polywoven, or woven bags
  • Durable carbon steel construction


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Upright bag conveyors


  • Air: 2 cfm @ 80 psi
  • Electrical: 110 VAC, 1 ph, 60 Hz, 3 Amp


Inpak Systems offers a startup service on your new Model 100GW. This includes verifying the Model 100GW is operating properly to factory specifications. The startup service includes operation verification, operator training and maintenance training.


To prevent downtime and costly emergency repairs, preventive maintenance (PM) services are available for your Model 100GW. To ensure your Model 100GW operates at maximum efficiency, PMs can be arranged to fit your production schedule.


If you need a quick and cost effective repair of your Model 100GW, just box it up and ship it to one of our repair facilities. Our experienced, factory-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM replacement parts to ensure your Model 100GW is restored to its original factory operating specifications.


Inpak Systems offers in-plant repair of your Model 100GW. Our experienced, factory-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM parts to ensure your Model 100GW is restored to original factory operating specifications. Dispatched from either our WI or OH locations ensure a quick response throughout the Midwest.