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The Hartman Scale Portable Bulk Bag Filler is a portable filler that can fill: bulk bags, totes, Gaylords, super sacks, boxes and drums. The Portable Bulk Bag Filler can be mounted stationary or moved between numerous filling stations with a special fork lift “lifting jig”. The low profile design of the weighing surface allows pallet trucks to be used for loading and unloading. The rotating head design allows four empty drums to be placed on a pallet and filled sequentially or to distribute product within a tote or Gaylord. Densification/compaction of product can be accomplished by (1) pressing on the side of the container or (2) by lifting and vibrating the entire container.

This unit includes outer frame, load cell weighing system, slide gate valve to control cutoff point, blower to inflate lined bulk bags, a removable rotating drum filler attachment, vibration pads and a touch screen interface panel. The Portable Bulk Bag Filler has a PLC control system for communication to plant wide control systems and the PLC processor is an Allen Bradley Micrologic series.

Standard Features:

  • Forklift lifting platform
  • Rotating head
  • Platform load cell
  • Side mounted vibration pads/paddles
  • Inflatable bag seal
  • 3” steel tubing frame
  • Allen Bradley processor
  • Digital two speed (fast & dribble) controller
  • NEMA 12 controls


  • Bag clamps
  • Vibration platform
  • Conveyor
  • Pneumatic bag clamp release
  • Pallet jack ramp w/hand crank
  • Blower to inflate bags
  • 6” slide gate
  • SS rotating drum filling chute

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: TBD, depending on configuration
  • Electrical: TBD, depending on configuration

Approximate Dimensional Drawing:

Coming Soon