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Realize greater speed and efficiency with the BP-3560 Bag Pro™ Bag Handling System. Properly integrated with your existing electronic net scale or auger filling system, it automatically positions bags on the filler spout, fills them with weighted product, and then directs them to the bag-closing station. The only hanging/filling/closing system versatile enough to run a wide range of bag types without additional change-over time, it can achieve speeds from 15 to 20 bags per minute, depending on bag quality, flow rates, and your operational parameters1. The No Bag/No Dump feature prevents discharge if the hanger fails to properly position the bag, greatly reducing spillage and product waste. Efficiently handles sewn open-mouth, pinch-bottom open mouth, polyethylene open mouth, and woven polypropylene bags. Ideal for granular, pellet, free flowing, and semi-free flowing products such as grains, seed, fertilizer, pet food, kitty litter, salt, sugar, chemicals, soils, rocks, animal feeds, and beans.

Standard Features:

  • Speeds of 15 – 20 bags per minute
  • High-gloss enamel paint
  • Simple installation and startup
  • Electrically interlocked machine doors for greater safety
  • Bottom-fed magazine for continuous operation
  • State-of-the-art touch-screen controls
  • Digital electronic programmable controller
  • Quick-change adjustment of bag width and perimeter
  • Motorized bag-length adjustment
  • Stainless steel (T304) bag fill spout
  • NEMA-12 electrical specifications
  • Right- (standard) or left-hand configuration


  • Anti-corrosion package
  • Stainless steel (T304) fill spouts
  • Modem
  • Ethernet control package
  • Additional conveyor lengths
  • Tagger (requires optional infeed assembly)
  • Pivoted inline bottom-first bag turner
  • 90 degree bottom-first bag kicker (requires 2 extra feet of conveyor)
  • Poly, and laminated woven poly bag magazine
  • More (contact [email protected] for details)

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds and accuracy for your application.

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: 30 CFM @ 60 PSI
  • Electrical: 430VAC, 3-Phase, 60 HZ, 40 AMPS

Approximate Dimensional Drawing:

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