The Anser™ U2 Mobile is an industrial, hand-held, portable inkjet printer for coding porous, semi-porous & non-porous materials such as cardboard, plastics, PVC & steel. The U2 Mobile can print up to 4 lines of text (max 0.5” height), graphics, logos and bar codes at any angle. The print head, ink cartridge, LCD Screen & controller are all housed in one 2 ¼ lb. unit. The U2 Mobile’s rechargeable battery can print for 7 continuous hours at 400 DPI. The unique snap-in “Hot Swap” ink cartridges allow quick, on-the-fly change over and eliminates messy filling from ink bottles. The U2 Mobile has a remote key pad and the controller can control multiple printers. The SD card can storing up to 999 instructions (e.g. count, expiration date, date/time, shift and lot #s).



• 400 DPI
• 4 lines of text within 1/2″ total height
• Print graphics, logos and bar codes.
• 999 messages stored/SD card
• multiple printers/controller
• Rechargeable battery w/300 cycles
• Porous, semi-porous, non-porous materials
• Weight: 2.21 lb.
• 2.8” color LCD display
• Remote key pad
• Indicators: alarm, low ink, print, run, remote, on/off
• Multi languages


• Air: None
• Electricity: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz., 1.6A