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Johnson & Sons JBH 9400 is an open mouth bag placer designed to automatically pull an empty bag from a stack of bags and place it onto to a spout of an automatic bag filler. The JBH 9400 can place paper, plastic, or poly bags at a rate up to 18 per minute.  The JBH 9400 allows bags to be pulled manually, one at a time with a foot switch or automatically. The self-centering magazine can hold up to 200 empty bags. Up to 400 empty bags can be held with an optional second magazine. Griper arms are self-adjusting for any flat or gusseted bag width.

Standard Features:

  • Bag location sensors
  • 18 cycles/min
  • manually, one at a time or automatic modes
  • NEMA 12 Controls
  • Self-centering bag magazine
  • 125-200 bags/magazine capacity
  • Various width open mouth flat or gusseted bags
  • Paper, plastic or poly bags


  • Retractable bag spout
  • Extra Bag magazine
  • SS Spout
  • SS frame
  • Indexing conveyor

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: 1.5 cfm/cycle
  • Electrical: 460 VAC, 3 phase, 4-6 amps

Approximate Dimensional Drawing: