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Taylor IBC 4000 is a semi-automated, bulk bag filler used to fill intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), also called totes, FIBC, super sacks or jumbo bags.  The ICB 4000 can accommodate 34” to 72” long bags with a 2, 3 or 4 point pick up. It has a 4,000 lb. fill capacity with accuracy of 1-2 lb. /bag.

After the bag is hooked on the weighing table and the bag fill spout attached, the table and bag are pneumatically raised to the fill position.  The bag is tarred and filled to the desired weight using a fast and dribble fill cycle controlled with a dual position knife valve. After reaching the desired weight, the weigh table & bag are lowered down to the slated takeaway conveyor where the bag is moved away to a pick up point.

Standard Features:

  • Bag capacity up to 4,000 lb.
  • Accuracy of 1-2 lb. /bag
  • 30” to 72” bag lengths
  • Fill rate of 3-5 bpm
  • Pneumatic spout clamp or inflatable spout donut
  • Adjustable fill & dribble fill cycles
  • Digital readout
  • Auto bag tare
  • Concentric spout with dust return
  • Painted steel/iron frame
  • 14’ slated conveyor
  • Conveyor speed 30 fpm


  • Digital scale meter with BCD output
  • 5 HP dust control blower (3 PSI @ 180 CFM)
  • Pallet dispenser
  • 5’ conveyor extensions

Utility Requirements:

  • Air: 60 PSI, 3 CFM @ 100PSI
  • Electrical:
    • Bag Filler: 115 VAC, single phase
    • Conveyor &/or Blower: 220 VAC single phase or 220/440 VAC 3 phase

Approximate Dimensional Drawing: