Made in the USA This product is made in the USA

The Union Special 2200 M18 is a rechargeable, battery operated, portable stitcher for joining geotextiles, fabrics and closing paper, jute, cotton or plastic bags.

The 2200 M18 has an 18 volt LI plug-in rechargeable battery capable of sewing up to 9mm thick fabric or up to 24 plies of paper. The maximum re-charging time is 90 minutes.

The 2200 M18 has coarse top and bottom feed, a larger thread cone and variable RPM. It includes the battery charger and uses larger size heavy duty needles.


  • 24 volt LI battery
  • dual thread
  • upper & lower feed
  • large cone thread holder
  • thread cutter
  • 120 watt DC motor
  • up to 9mm thickness (24 plies of paper)
  • battery charger


  • 18 volt LI battery


  • Air: NA
  • Electrical: 18 volt DC


To prevent downtime and costly emergency repairs, preventive maintenance (PM) services are available for your 2200 M18. To ensure your 2200 M18 operates at maximum efficiency, PMs can be arranged to fit your production schedule.


If you need a quick and cost effective repair of your 2200 M18, just box it up and ship it to one of our repair facilities. Our experienced, manufacturer-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM replacement parts to ensure your 2200 M18 is restored to its original factory operating specifications.