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The Union Special BC200 sewing heads are available as plain or fold-over closers, or sew-thru tape closers for heavy duty paper, cotton, jute, burlap, plastic and woven poly bags. The SC200 can sew 2-4 stitches per inch in up to 0.5” thick material. The BC200 produces a dual thread, double lock, type 401 stitch at rates up to 114 fpm (75 fpm for tape closure). The pedestal mounted, belt driven BC200 is totally enclosed with corrosion resistant plating on external parts and a self-lubricating oil system.

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INPAK SYSTEMS stocks many Union Special sewing head replaceable parts. A Model BC200 parts diagram and a list of common replaceable Model BC200 parts is available.


  • Manual, electrical or pneumatic chain & tape cutters
  • Up to 2750 stitches per min.
  • 2-4 stitches per inch
  • Sew up to 114 ft. /min. (75 fpm for tape)
  • Self-oiling lubrication system
  • Total enclosed
  • Corrosion resistant external parts
  • Variable pitch pulley/hand wheel
  • Adjustable width tape folder


  • Platform mounting columns
  • Infeed Devices
  • Tape pre-feeder
  • Tape reel assemblies
  • Thread break detectors
  • Thread chain pusher kit
  • Fixed width or adjustable tape folders
  • Start/stop photoelectric cells and proximity switches


  • Air: NA
  • Electrical: NA