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The Weigh Right PMB-3600 Series are gravity feed, vibratory, net weigh scales that will weigh and fill 5 to 100 lbs. of IQF foods, rice, nuts, candies, plastic pieces and dry foods into bags, boxes or pails. The PMB-3600 systems use bulk and dribble vibratory trays to move the product feeding 98% of the desired weight quickly into the weigh bucket and the last 2% is fed slowly reaching an accurate weight.

These PMB-3600 systems can be used in a semi-automatic operation or interfaced and fitted with an automatic bagger, conveyor or poucher. Containers can be hand placed by an operator or the PMB-3600 can be designed to fit over and interfaced with an automatic bagger or indexing conveyor. USDA models are available.

Typical Fill Rates
Product WeightPMB 3601 Single ScalePMB 3602 Dual Scale
5 LB.15 CPM30 CPM
15 LB.8 CPM16 CPM
25 LB.4 CPM8 CPM
50 LB.2 CPM4 CPM
100 LB.1 CPM*2 CPM*

* Requires Double Dump


  • Available in automatic and semiautomatic configurations
  • 2 cu ft supply hopper
  • Single-dump speed of 2 weighments-per-minute for 50 lb bags
  • Accuracies are as high as zero to 0.02 lb over
  • Strain gauge load cell system sensitive to .02 lbs
  • Sanitary stainless steel (304) contact surfaces
  • One or two lane design
  • Programmable bulk and dribble feed settings
  • Single or three tray vibratory system
  • Discharge spout to suit container
  • Clamshell weigh bucket with 3600 cu inch weighing capacity
  • Air-operated discharge system
  • Convenient microprocessor-based control panel with digital weight display
  • Painted steel support frame with adjustable leveling pads
  • NEMA-4 control enclosure
  • Footswitch or interface cable for cycle control
  • Air filter/lubricator/regulator assembly with automatic drain


  • All 3601 standard features plus
  • 4 cubic foot supply hopper
  • Single-dump speed of 4 CPM for 50 lb bags
  • Accuracies are as high as +/- 0.02 lb
  • Menu-driven controls with easily read graphics and help menus


  • USDA design
  • Dimpled stainless steel surfaces
  • Stainless steel frames for washdown
  • Teflon® coated contact parts
  • Gravity feed for free-flowing products
  • Supply hopper vibrator
  • Flap gates for positive product cutoff
  • Carton-indexing conveyors
  • Bag clamp for semiautomatic operations
  • Support frame to fit over bagger
  • Casters for portability

1Testing might be required to determine obtainable speeds and accuracy for your application.


  • Air: 6 CFM @ 80PSI
  • Electrical: 120VAC, Single-Phase, 60HZ


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