Palletizing & Stretch Wrapping

Our large product mix allows us to offer you a wide variety of palletizing solutions offered from among the finest and most reputable manufacturers. That means that the advice you get from us and the solutions we design for you are not limited to just one brand or particular technology—whether you require a single piece of equipment or an entirely new bagging solution built to your custom specifications.

To see videos of bag palletizing equipment in action, click here.


Palletizer RoboticThe bag palletizing stations position the empty pallet, receive bags from bag transfer conveyors, and load the bags onto the pallet. Stacking the bags can be semi-automated or fully automated using a robotic stacker. For more information click Palletizers.

Accumulating Turntables:

Accumulating turntableAccumulating turn tables receive products (bags, boxes, etc.) from a transfer conveyor when they are manually be off loaded on to pallets or in cases. For more information click Accumulating Tables.

Vacuum Lift System:

Vacuum Lift SystemA vacuum lift system is used to manually lift and move bags, pails, or cases on to pallets. The suction head allow the operator to “grab” the bag, lift and swing the bag into position, and then lower & release the bag on the pallet. For more information click Vacuum Lift System.

Scissor Lift Tables:

Scissor Lift Table pneumatic hydralicScissor lift tables are located at the end of a transfer conveyor and have tops that decrease in height as bags are manually loaded on to a pallet. The height of the top is pneumatically controlled. For more information click Scissor Lift Tables.

Pallet Hand Carts:

Pallet hand cart truckPallet carts are hand trucks used to manually move pallets. For more information click Pallet Hand Carts.

Stretch Wrappers:

Stretch WrapperSemi-automated, the stretch wrapper is used to wrap loaded pallets with stretch wrap. One the pallet is placed on the base, the base rotates wrapping stretch wrap around the bags securing them to the pallet. For more information click Stretch Wrappers.

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