Service can be completed in-house at the Inpak service facility in Madison, Wisconsin or onsite at your location.

Shop Repair

Our experienced staff and large parts inventory usually ensure quicker turnaround time for repairs done at our facility than can be accomplished on your site. So where feasible, shipping equipment to us for repair is your fastest, least-expensive alternative. We will proceed ASAP after we receive your approval based upon our estimate.

Field Repair

Alternatively, we can send our technicians to your site to diagnose the problem and complete the repair. Of course, your cost will be affected by parts availability and delivery times. But our Wisconsin location allows fast travel to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Minnesota. Emergency service calls can be made as needed, and our routine Inpak Preventive Maintenance can be scheduled to help avoid those emergencies in the first place. Find out more about Inpak Field Repair.

Limited Temporary Replacements

We keep limited equipment on hand that you can rent, and that we will send to your facility before you ship your malfunctioning equipment to us, thus allowing you to keep bagging and selling your product. Learn more about our rental policy.

Preventive Maintenance

As a rule, your equipment should be serviced after every 500 hours of use to prevent downtime and emergency repairs. You can schedule one of our factory-trained technicians to service your equipment regularly: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or we can customize a preventive maintenance program that precisely fits your needs. Travel time and mileage are only billed one-way, which provides our customers with significant savings.
While there, our technicians can:

  • Deliver consumables that you order in advance, avoiding shipping fees
  • Assess your infeeds and conveyors, assuring optimal timing and efficiency
  • Teach your new personnel how to properly operate your equipment, ensuring the greatest production.