Industrial Sewing Thread, Tape & Accessories

Inpak Systems stocks a large inventory of consumables that are used in the sewing, sealing and wrapping of bags. In addition to major bagging equipment, Inpak Systems also offers a variety of bagging equipment accessories.      


industrial sewing thread and crepe tapeThread - industrial bag sewing thread is used to close various types of bags: multi-walled paper, woven, laminated woven polypropylene, jute, polyester, flat & gusseted. For more information click Sewing Thread.

Crepe Tape - Crepe tape is used to better seal the bag; preventing product (i.e. powers) from leaking out. For more information click Crepe Tape.

Needles - Needles for industrial sewing equipment are manufacturer and model specific and are available in different diameters with a either square or round tip. For more information click Needles.

sewing machine head lubrcating oilLubricants - Oil is used to lubricate the mechanism of sewers and reduce parts wear. For more information click Lubricants.

Stretch Film - Stretch wrap films are used to secure loads on pallets. For more information click Stretch Films.

Conveyors & Palletizing Accessories:

inline conveyor metal detectorMetal Detectors - inline conveyor metal detectors identify ferrous and nonferrous (including stainless steel) contaminates in pre- and post- bagged products. For more information click Metal Detectors.

Tag Lifters – present tags one-at-a-time. For more information click Tag Lifters.

Tag Placers - Inline tag printer/placers can automatically print, cut to length, and position a tag to be sewn in place as the bag is sewn closed. For more information click Tag Placers.

Inkjet Printer CoderPrinters & Coders - print multi-line text & graphics on cardboard boxes, paper bags and plastic sheets. For more information click Inkjet Printers.

Miscellaneous Equipment:

Seed CounterSeed Counters – counter the number of seeds/weight or volume and can dispensing a specified number of seeds. More information click Seed Counters.

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