Stretch wrap films are used to secure loads on pallets. They are stretched when applied and then contract to hold the stacked bags firmly in place on the pallet.

The two types of stretch film are blown film and cast film. Blown stretch film is a tougher and noisier film and cast stretch film is quieter, more transparent, and glossier.

Stretch wrap films are available in several gauges: light duty (120 ga.), standard (70 & 80 ga.) and heavy duty (61, 55 & 48 ga.). The film is available in 12”- 20” widths on 500 -1,000 ft. rolls for hand held applicators and 20″ – 30” widths on 5,000 – 10,000 ft. rolls for stretch wrap machines.

Stretch wrap films can be clear or colored (i.e. red, blue, yellow, green, & orange). Black or opaque stretch film is used for light sensitive products or concealment. The stretch film can be treated with UV inhibitors to shield light sensitive products and anti-static materials to reduce dust and protect static sensitive electronics. A bonding agent to make the stretch film cling together can be added to one or both sides.

15″ wide x 1500 L.F. (80 gauge)
18″ wide x 1500 L.F. (80 gauge)
20″ wide x 5000 L.F. (80 gauge)


Many perishables like dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, beverages, frozen foods, and pharmaceuticals cannot be “sealed” and need air flow. To meet this requirement, stretch film is available in a breathable, air vented or netting form. Breathable stretch film has small pores, air vented or air-flow stretch film has small holes (1/4”-1”) and netting has large holes (1”-4”).

Breathable Stretch Film
Air Vented Stretch Film
Netting Style Stretch Film

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