How do I decide what bagging conveyor options I need? Well, selecting a conveyor is like buying a car. First, you decide on the model (i.e. sedan, convertible, SUV), then you pick the options (i.e. color, engine size, CD player). Likewise, with a conveyor… do you need a transfer, kicking, flattening, or turning conveyor? Then, based on your specific needs, what options do you need.

Bagging Conveyor

Listed below are a few common options/upgrades that should be considered when selecting your bagging conveyor.

Manual or Powered Height Adjustment

Conveyors have fixed height legs that can be set up within a small height range (i.e. 12”-20” TOB). This is great when filling/closing a single-size bag. However, if you are filling different size bags, you can get a manual or a powered adjustable height option that will allow you to easily adjust your conveyor height to match the height of your bag.                     

Variable Belt Speed (VFD)

Conveyors are offered with fixed belt speed (i.e. 40, 120 FPM). However, to get a good seal or sew line, you may need to closely match the speed of your bag closer. A variable belt speed (VFD) option allows you to easily match your bag closer’s speed.

Start/Stop Switch

Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily stop a conveyor (i.e. to reposition a bag). Optional start/stop switches are available in whisker wand, photo-eye, or foot switch configurations

Front & Back Guide Rails

Depending on the length of the conveyor and your product (i.e. very fluid products), it may be necessary to support the bags in an upright position. Optional, adjustable, front & back guide rails are a good upgrade.


Conveyors are normally bolted to the floor. However, if a conveyor needs to be moved for cleaning or servicing, casters are a good choice. Fixed, swivel & locking casters are commonly available.

NEMA 4 Enclosures

In dusty locations or when the conveyor needs to be washed down, a NEMA 4 electronics enclosure upgrade to protect your electronics is recommended.

Stainless Steel Construction

In corrosive environments (i.e. fertilizer plants) or food processing areas, stainless steel conveyors may be necessary.

These are just a few of the conveyor options that are available. For more specific recommendations for your conveyor needs, contact us at 1-608-221-8180 or [email protected].