ChipsChips (e.g. tortilla, dried vegetables, dried fruits) are thin slices that have been either deep fried or baked until crunchy. Chips are sold in a variety of containers such as: bags, cans, cardboard tubes or boxes.

For most retail applications, chips are sold in small poly or foil bags that are heat sealed closed. For commercial applications chips are available in poly lined boxes.     

To fill 1 oz. to 10 lb. poly bags we recommend the Weigh Right iQ-1E net weigh bagger and the APM TBS heat sealer. 

To fill 10 to 50 lb. poly lined cases we recommend the Weigh Right PMB net weigh bagger and APM VBS heat sealer. To tape close boxes we recommend the AB Model TB-652 case taper.   

Inpak Systems offers a wide variety of other bagging machines that maybe suitable for chip bagging applications.

For more filling options go to our Open Mouth Bag Filling Section.

For more closing options go to our Bag Heat Sealing Section.


With over 35 years of experience in the aggregate bagging industry and representing over 40 manufacturers, Inpak Systems is in a unique position to recommend the best packaging equipment that will satisfy your specific bagging needs. Not sure which aggregate packaging system is the best for you…. contact us.

Recommended Bagging Equipment for Chips