maltMalt is made from barley or other grain that has been steeped, germinated, and dried. It is used in the brewing of beer, distilling whiskey and making vinegar.  Besides barley, rye, wheat and rice are malted. Malt is typically sold in 1-10 lb. poly or foil bags for retail and home brewing. For commercial  applications, malt is available in 50-2,000 lb. paper or woven poly sacks.

For small (less than 10 lb.) poly bags & pouches, we recommend the Logical S-4 or the  Weigh Right iQ-1E net weigh, digital scale and APM VBS band sealer.

For large (more than 10 lb.) poly woven bags we recommend the Hamer 100GW, gross weigh, digital bagger and the Fischbein 400T NS bag tape sewer.

INPAK SYSTEMS offers a wide variety of other packaging machines that maybe suitable for malt bagging applications.

With over 30 years of experience in the malt bagging industry and representing over 40 manufacturers, INPAK SYSTEMS is in a unique position to recommend the best packaging equipment that will satisfy your specific malt bagging needs.

Not sure which malt packaging system is the best for you…. contact us.

Recommended Bagging Equipment For Malt