Logical Machines

Logical Machines manufactures small volume (1-50 lbs.) open mouth bag and rigid container net weigh and fill systems. Logical Machine offers single and dual head vibratory scales.

Products by Logical Machines

Open Mouth Bag Filling Scales

Small Weighments

  • Logical Machines S6 Cascading Weigh Filler

    The Logical Machines Model S-6 Cascading Net Weigh Filler is specifically engineered to run especially difficult dry bulk materials such as crackers, chips, and other non-free-flowing products. With...

  • Logical Machines S7 Dual Lane Net Weigh Filler

    The Logical Machines Model S-7 is a dual lane, net weigh, open mouth bag filler that offers all the features of the Model S-4 Net Weigh Filler, but adds a second lane for twice the speed and...