Valley Craft

Valley CraftValley Craft manufactures professional grade material handling and storage solutions, including a broad array of proprietary and custom products. Valley Craft was established in 1953 and introduced the first hand truck with a brake. Over the last six decades, Valley Craft has grown to become a world class manufacturer known for its expertise in producing rugged and versatile hand trucks, carts, trailers, portable lifts, hydraulic drum handling devices, and storage equipment.

Products by Valley Craft

Pallet Carts

  • Valley Craft Ezy-Tilt Pallet Trucks

    Valley Craft Ezy-Tilt Pallet Trucks

    The Valley Craft Ezy-Tilt™ pallet trucks have a unique hinged truck shoe that allows optimal positioning when loading the pallet.  Once beneath the pallet, the operator simply tilts the truck up...