The Fischbein Empress Model 201 high–speed tape sewing head is typically mounted on a pedestal and used in conjunction with a conveyor to close multi-wall and laminated woven polypropylene bags with a crepe tape sewn closure. With an adjustable operating speed up to 75 linear fpm, the Model 201 creates a two thread, double lock stitch adjustable from 2 to 3.5 stitches/inch (factory set at 2.5 stitches/inch). An optional, easy-open one thread stitch feature is available. The Model 201 has a pressurized, self-lubricating system protects moving parts and ensures maximum productivity with low maintenance. A wide variety of accessories are available. Among them are various mounting pedestals, power infeed systems, a full range of conveyors, bag-top folders, thread and tape-break detectors, bag coders, and photoelectric controls for system integration.

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INPAK SYSTEMS stocks many OEM Fischbein sewing head replaceable parts. A Model 201 parts diagram and a list of common replaceable Model 201 parts is available.


  • Stitch type: 401, single needle, double thread chain
  • Stitch range: 2.0 – 3.5 spi (2.5 standard)
  • Stitch width: 2.5 spi standard
  • Speed: 75 ft./min. maximum
  • Material thickness: 0.3” (8mm) maximum
  • Crepe Tape 1.25 – 2.5” (3.2 – 6.4 mm) wide
  • Start/stop micro-switch
  • Scissor knife cutter
  • Pressurized self-lubrication


  • Mounting pedestals
  • Power infeeds
  • Conveyors
  • Bag-top folders
  • Tape break detectors
  • Bag coders
  • Photoelectric start/stop switch


  • Air: 90 PSI @ 18-20 SCFM
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 1 ph, 60 HZ


INPAK SYSTEMS offers an optional startup service on your new Fischbein Model 201. This includes verifying the Model 201 is operating properly to factory specifications. The startup service includes operation verification, operator training and maintenance training.


To prevent downtime and costly emergency repairs, preventive maintenance (PM) services are available for your Fischbein Model 201. To ensure your Model 201 is operating at maximum efficiency, PMs can be arranged to fit your production schedule.


If you need a quick and cost effective repair of your Fischbein Model 201, just box it up and ship it to one of our repair facilities.  Our experienced, manufacturer-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM replacement parts to ensure your Model 201 is restored to its original factory operating specifications.

Loaners are available to keep you operational while your Model 201 is being serviced.


INPAK SYSTEMS offers in-plant repair of your Fischbein Model 201. Our experienced, manufacturer-trained, and certified technicians use genuine OEM parts to ensure your Model 201 is restored to its original factory operating specifications.  Dispatched from either our WI or OH locations ensure a quick response throughout the Midwest.